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London’s population is projected to grow by 77,000 people and 43,000 net new jobs in the next 20 years. But how will these new jobs be created in London and how will we accommodate this growth over time? The London Plan sets the framework for addressing such issues as: managing the cost of growth, recognizing a change in demographics and their needs and desires, the importance of transportation, the ever changing economy, protecting farmland, climate change, and how to shape the city for prosperity.

The London Plan is a long term plan and will take time to be realized. The Plan will remain in place for two decades, while changes occur in our economy, social trends and political leadership. While it is anticipated that the Plan’s vision will remain firm until the next plan is prepared in twenty years, the policies of The London Plan will be monitored and adjusted as necessary over time to adapt to our changing context.

Statistics that helped shape The London Plan