What Are

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For London to be highly prosperous – exciting, exceptional and connected – in 2035, our city will need to represent a mosaic of outstanding places in which to live, work, shop, recreate, and be a part of. These places will have their own unique functions and identities and will offer a multitude of benefits to those that experience them. In order to create these places our Plan needs to provide direction for how we will develop different geographic areas within our city – the places that make up London. This Section of The London Plan gives further direction on the places that we are attempting to create throughout the city. To create these places, the policies allow for certain uses, a specified intensity of development and preferred building forms.

What Are The Big Ideas?

Traditionally, planners have focused on land use when setting plans for geographic areas within a city. However, land use is only one part of what makes a great place. The London Plan takes a different approach by planning for areas with an emphasis on the type of place we are trying to create.

The Neighbourhood Place Type introduces greater flexibility for a mix of uses, heights, and building forms to create complete, diverse, walkable and interesting neighbourhoods.

To ensure that development is appropriate and in keeping with the vision for a Place Type, each planning and development application is to be assessed based on the (i) proposed use, (ii) intensity of development and (iii) building form of development.