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Our values will guide how we undertake our planning processes as a municipality:

Be Accountable

The decisions we make as a Municipality will conform with and support The London Plan. Being open and transparent in our decision making will allow all Londoners to see that the values, vision and priorities of the Plan are being adhered to in every decision we make.

Be Collaborative

To achieve our goals, we will take a collaborate approach to planning, working with stakeholders such as neighbourhoods, developers, government agencies and members of the general public.

Demonstrate Leadership

We will provide leadership within the community to implement The London Plan, providing guidance and inspiration in all of our processes and decision making.

Be Inclusive

We will employ genuine and effective public engagement techniques to include all Londoners in our planning processes. We will consider all Londoners in the plans and decisions we make.

Be Innovative

We will place a high value on creativity and innovation in all the planning we do so that we can find new and effective ways to meet the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves to London over the next 20 years.


Our vision will provide a focus for all of the planning that we do. We should always ask ourselves, are the decisions that we are making today propelling us toward this future vision that we’ve collectively established for the London of 2035. The London Plan vision is:

London 2035:

Exciting, Exceptional, Connected


To achieve our vision, we will need to focus on certain City-building activities. This is not to say that we will not engage in planning activities that move outside of these directions; rather, these directions give a strong sense of where we will be focusing our efforts to “raise the bar” from the status quo so that we can drive towards the future London we envision. The directions shown below are not listed in order of importance – they are all of equal importance to delivering our vision for London.

#1 Plan strategically for a prosperous city

#2 Connect London to the surrounding region

#3 Celebrate and support London as a culturally rich, creative and diverse city

#4 Become one of the greenest cities in Canada

#5 Build a mixed-use compact city

#6 Place a new emphasis on creating attractive transportation choices

#7 Build strong and attractive neighbourhoods for everyone

#8 Make wise planning decisions