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Where there is a need for further detail on the policies of The London Plan, or where it is important to coordinate the development of multiple properties, a secondary plan may be prepared. Secondary plans will allow for a comprehensive study of an area within the City, ultimately establishing a coordinated approach to planning that cannot be achieved through the more general policies of The London Plan.

What Are The Big Ideas?

A secondary plan will normally consist of policies and maps that provide more detailed direction than that offered by the general policies of this Plan. A secondary plan may include policies, illustrations and maps for such things as:

The vision for the secondary planning area.

A design concept and associated policies – conveyed in text and/or illustrations.

A plan for protecting and sustaining natural heritage areas.

A cultural heritage preservation and mitigation plan.

The planned mobility network, including the street layout and design, and bicycle, transit and pedestrian routes and infrastructure, and amenities.

A plan for land use mix, development form, and development intensity.

A parks, open space, and public facilities plan.

A civic infrastructure plan, including a phasing and financial plan relating to these services.

Location of parks and community facilities.

To support the housing policies of this Plan, 60% of new housing units in secondary plans will be in forms other than single detached dwellings to support the housing policies of this Plan.