Big Ideas

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Our city-building policies provide the over-arching direction for how we will grow as a City over the next 20 years. While the City Structure Plan sets the framework upon which the city is planned to grow in the future, there are many important topics that we need to address in The London Plan to ensure we build a city over the next 20 years, in the way that we envision.

Our city-building policies will set the framework for how we will grow, and the shape, character and form of our city in 2035. These policies establish clear direction for our own municipal projects, as well as those initiated by private sector.

What Are The Big Ideas?

In keeping with our Transportation Master Plan, The London Plan shifts the transportation paradigm towards more active forms of mobility, including walking, cycling and transit.

The London Plan addresses a variety of important city-building elements that have not been addressed in previous plans. New chapters are dedicated to urban forestry, the smart city, a culturally rich and diverse city, and food systems. In addition, policies on climate change, sustainability, age-friendly cities, complete communities, healthy neighbourhoods, and active mobility are introduced or addressed in new ways.

The City-building policies include a new growth management chapter that encourages us to look inward and upward to accommodate our future growth. Extending infrastructure in a cost-effective manner, while better utilizing what we have already installed, is a thrust of the new policies.

New Urban Regeneration policies set out our goals to revitalize historic mainstreets and urban neighbourhoods through community improvement plans, heritage preservation, public investments and support for mixed use infill and intensification.